Applying to IUPR

This page is for Ph.D., postdoctoral, and staff positions. If you are interested in writing your Bachelor's thesis or your Master's thesis in our lab, or if you are interested in a HiWi position, please select the appropriate category on the left.

Please be sure to read the entire application procedure before applying.

Please submit job applications only to, not any other address.


Acceptance into IUPR for doctoral or postdoctoral positions is highly selective and competitive. You should hold a Diplom, Masters, or equivalent academic degree if you would like to start directly on your Ph.D. in our lab. (Highly qualified Bachelor students with a research interest in our area can also apply and be admitted to the fellowship program at the university or into one of the Master's programs.)

Research in our lab combines techniques from mathematics, statistics, electrical engineering, and computer science. We require that all Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers are comfortable with calculus of one and several variables, linear algebra, basic probability theory, complexity theory, and standard algorithms. We also expect that everybody in the lab be able to develop readable and maintainable code in C++ and one of the major scripting languages (Perl, Python, PHP).

Additional important and/or required skills depend on the position and include machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining, neural networks, numerical algorithms, Bayesian decision theory, Bayesian networks, HMMs, speech recognition, signal and image processing, computer vision, information theory, human computer interaction, and/or cognitive science.

Demonstrable experience developing significant software projects (in particular, open source projects) is a big plus, as is familiarity with open source development tools and environments.

Fluency in spoken and written English is required. IUPR has an international and diverse work environment; we are committed to not discriminating against individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, or national or ethnic origin.

What to Submit

Your application should consist of:

  • a cover letter
  • contact information (work/home phone, mailing address, email, FAX, …)
  • a time frame by which you need to make a decision
  • a statement of purpose (what you want to do in our lab and what you want to do later)
  • a CV in German or English
  • a copy of an official transcript (a list of the courses you have taken and the grades you obtained)
  • the name and email addresses of three references
  • some pointers to representative publications (if any), maybe on a web page; only if your papers are not available over the web, it would be helpful if you included 1-3 PDF versions of your papers as attachments

How to Apply

  • Please send your application via electronic mail to
  • To make it past our spam filters and security filters, please include the string IUPRJOB in your Subject: line
  • Include all materials as ASCII text, HTML, and/or PDF attachments (no word processor files, please).

If you do not follow the application procedure, we may never even see your message.


After reviewing your initial application, we may invite you for an interview.

At your interview, we generally expect that you give a 30-60 minute talk about your previous thesis work (Master or Ph.D.), and that you individually talk to several members of our lab. In the interview, you have an opportunity to find out more about our lab and to demonstrate your technical expertise and talk about your interests. After an interview, we have a hiring meeting in which everybody who talked to you can relate their impression, and if that goes well, we may extend a job offer.

Please let us know ahead of time how you are planning to present your talk. Even if you bring a laptop, it is always a good idea to bring your slides in PDF format on a USB flash drive.