New Research Group

The IUPR Research Group at the University of Kaiserslautern has been was succeeded by the Pattern Recognition (MADM) group, headed by Vertr.- Prof. Dr. Marcus Eichenberger-Liwicki from Summer 2014 till March 2015. Since April 2015 it became absorbed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Dengel, Knowledge Management Department.


This is the home page of the Image Understanding and Pattern Recognition group at the University of Kaiserslautern. The group was headed from 2004-2014 by Prof. Dr. Thomas Breuel. 

Prof. Breuel started working at Google in 2014, but still supervising several students in the department.

Publications of the research group from 2004-2014 can be found on the Publications Page.

From the Summer semester 2014 on Vertr.-Prof. Dr. Marcus Eichenberger-Liwicki is heading the group now as a substitute.


In case you still want to take an exams with Prof. Dr. Thomas Breuel for the lectures "Neural Systems (Computation) and Self Organisation" or "Foundations and Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence" please contact Ingrid Romani on
For all other exams please contact the "Fachberater" for Intelligent Systems, Prof. Dr. Andreas Dengel.


Most inquiries should be directed to the Department of Computer Science; they will be able to give you additional contact information.


The following are links to course web sites for courses recently taught by Prof. Breuel; you may find them useful in preparing for exams.


Here are a few of the many projects and open source libraries developed in the IUPR research group.

  • OCRopus OCR An open source OCR system with competitive recognition performance. Written in Python and C/C++. Currently handles Latin script and Fraktur
  • Image Understanding Library (iulib) A C++ library for image processing from the late 80's and early 90's.
  • Decapod A system for 3D book capture using stereo vision, dewarping, and conversion to PDF.
  • PyOpenFST A Python wrapper around the OpenFST library.
  • PyTess A Python wrapper around the Tesseract OCR system.


Here are some links to resources that are useful for preparing for exams and for writing up theses.